Why Should Myanmar Be Your Next Vacation Destination?


Myanmar, the present official name of Burma, welcomes international and national tourists who are interested in Buddha and pristine beaches. At a very pocket-friendly budget, you can visit one of the most fascinating Southeast Asian countries. Once, the place had significant historical value from the times of the East India Company and the Indian independence. Though, Myanmar also owes to its magnanimous history of the rulers and breathtaking Buddhist architecture.

So, if you’re interested in enjoying a perfect Burmese vacation at a cost-effective rate- then vacationing in Myanmar can be a great idea. Naypyidaw, the capital, Yangon, and Mandalay- the second largest city in Republic has the best Myanmar luxury hotels and resorts.

Here, some details are explained in details that will allow you to understand why Myanmar should be your next vacation destination—

Abundance of luxury hotels and boutique resorts

Mandalay, the pearl of Irrawaddy, the cultural capital of Burma houses some of the fine boutique hotels in Myanmar. Experience the colorful mix of amiable people and culture. Burmese hotels exhibit the stupendous traditions in every single corner with a mix of modern touch in the rooms. You can book suites and single rooms whether you’re off for a romantic getaway of for a family vacation.

Ideal for honeymooners

More or less everyone wishes to spend their post nuptial vacation at the best honeymoon destination. But they also have to think of budget, locating the destination and think about the travel distance as well. In this article we will offer some tips to locate the right destination. Myanmar should match their expectations without any doubt.

If you’ve recently tied the wedding knot and wish to go ahead for a proper honeymoon at a tropical country- the Myanmar serves the finest deals as they have the true essence of the thousand years of traditions mixed with their humble behavior towards their guests. At a very pocket-friendly investment- Myanmar hotels can offer you the hottest deals throughout the year.

Excellent food

The Burmese food is world famous. You’ll be fascinated to explore the mouth-watering food they serve from the world-class hotels to the local sacks. Try the nangyi thoke- the famous main Burmese main course along with the tealeaf salads with shrimp sauce, nuts etc.

Explore the Buddhist pagodas. For additional adventure, buy a ticket for the balloon ride on Bagan and go for a river cruising with your partner or family  whenever in Myanmar.