Khajuraho Travel Guide: Tourist Places, Khajuraho Tourism


Khajuraho, also referred to as the Land of Moon God is among the best known tourist places in north India. This favourite destination of vacationers in Madhya Pradesh used to be the main city of Chandela Rajputs. Khajuraho or Khajirvahila literally means your garden of dates presents a very beautiful view for vacationers. This historic land located in Chhatarpur district beholds a good quantity of Hindu and Jain temples. Today, Khajuraho is a one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Amazing sculptures and architecture of structures within this temple town is really a fine example depicting Indo- Aryan type of construction. Annual dance festival conducted in Khajuraho temple attracts a large number of vacationers throughout the world. Beautiful carvings seen inside inner sanctum of Khajuraho temples is actually spectacular.

Parsvanath temple, built throughout the reign of Dhangadeva is a vital tourist place arriving the very best listing of Khajuraho travel guide. You can view here wonderful stone carvings depicting the pictures of God. It’s a well-known Jain temple coming underneath the group of Eastern group of temples in Bhundelkand region of Madhya Pradesh. Lakshmana temple built by king Yasorvarman is yet another spellbinding tourist destination promoting Khajuraho tourism. Alluring architecture of the stone temple focused on Lord Vishnu presents a wonderful view for visitors. V-day that, the statue was given to king Yasorvarman by Devapala. Chausath Yogini temple focused on 64 Yoginis is yet another attractive tourist place promoting Khajuraho tourism. This ancient temple built-in 900 AD is recognized as the earliest surviving temple in Khajuraho. Chitagupt temple, Vishwanath temple, Devi Jagadhamba temple, Ghantai temple, Adinath temple, Chaturbhuj temple and Duladeo temple are also temples incorporated in Khajuraho travel guide.

Panna Park, on the banks of river Ken is among the most broadly visited tourist places in Khajuraho. Park stretches over 546 km in area and beholds a wealthy assortment of wildlife species. It’s one amongst the widely used destinations of zoologists and ornithologists. Sambars, chinkaras and boars are the rare living species present in this park. Majhgawan Gemstone Mines and Raneh Falls are a couple of close by tourist places to Panna Park enhancing Khajuraho tourism. Khajuraho can also be outfitted with historic museums like Archaeological museum and Dhubela museum housing ancient weapons, historic sculptures and traditional works of art. Pandava waterfalls with beautiful landscape found on Ken River presents an amazing view for vacationers. This tourist devote Khajuraho, located 32 km from Khajuraho city dedicate a wonderful view for vacationers.

Regal Ajaigarh and Kalinjar Forts, Bhandhavgarh Park, Rewa Palace, Beni Sagar Dam and historic Jain temple exhibiting 24 thirthankaras are also best known tourist places enhancing Khajuraho tourism. Amazing created gemstones and sculptures observed in Khajuraho temples depicts the truly amazing artistic talents of Chandelas. From 85 temples in Khajuraho, only 22 are remaining today. Journey exploring these fabulous sight scenes in Khajuraho travel guide works well for better knowing of the traditional culture. Khajuraho, standing denoting medieval heritage is an ideal option for your tour trip.